Current Members

Gavin Ananda | Chair of AeroGSAC

The Chair of AeroGSAC, Gavin Ananda, is a PhD candidate. His research is in the fields of Applied Aerodynamics, Flight Simulation and Wind Turbine Aerodynamics. He wants to have a positive impact on the people and the AE department, help serve as a voice for graduate students, and ensure that student concerns are addressed by the department. He believes AeroGSAC serves as an important role by working for the ever-growing aerospace engineering graduate student community and their needs. Through AeroGSAC he is working to ensure certain student concerns are addressed administratively, improve graduate studentsā€™ ability to showcase their research work, and increase engagement and communication between all the graduate students in the department through social events. He enjoys soccer, glider flying, poker when he actually has the time!

Subcommittees: Outreach & Advocacy; Professional Exposure; GSAC Community Collaboration (Chair)

Ankit Jain | Associate Chair of AeroGSAC

Ankit Jain, the Associate Chair, is a Masters Student. His research is currently focused on Spacecraft Entry Guidance. He joined AeroGSAC because he wanted to identify ways to improve the graduate experience for all involved. He is passionate about taking new initiatives, ‘thinking outside the box,’ and advocating well-being and balance amongst peers. He thinks that a graduate student committee is needed within the department to resolve any major communication gaps between the students and faculty/administration; having a graduate student committee enables constant communication between representatives of theĀ student body and the department administration to address any student concerns/issues. Through being a part of AeroGSAC, he wants to increase the amount of dynamic social engagements within the department; advocate the value of diversity and inclusiveness, well-being, balance, awareness, and community service; and address student concerns to make the graduate experience better for all involved in the department. Being a member of AeroGSAC for 1.5 years, he has been involved in organizing and hosting various social and professional events each semester, taking various initiatives to make AeroGSAC more effective and purposeful to the department, and collaborating with other graduate student committees on campus. Apart from being a part of AeroGSAC, he is also an EGSAC Diversity Advocate for the AE Department. His hobbies include playing basketball, traveling, camping, hiking, backpacking, nature walks, photography, reading, listening to music, watching movies, and getting into philosophical/political conversations among friends and family.

Subcommittees: Outreach & Advocacy (Chair); Social Exposure; GSAC Community Collaboration

Shruti Ghanekar | Treasurer of AeroGSAC

The Treasurer, Shruti Ghanekar, is a Masters student. She wants to represent the AE graduate community and to ensure a proper and effective channel for requests and concerns of the students. She believes that AeroGSAC serves as an important link between students and the department. Through AeroGSAC she wants to bring together the AE graduate community and make Grad school a memorable experience for everyone. She takes pleasure in casual reading, swimming, going on long walks and learning new skills.

Subcommittees: Outreach & Advocacy; Social Exposure

Vedant | Representative of AeroGSAC

Image may contain: one or more peopleVedant, a Masters student with a focus on Attitude Determination & Controls, is the Chair of the Professional Exposure Subcommittee. He joined AeroGSAC to connect with other graduate students, faculty and staff, and together work towards having a better experience as a student in the department. According to him, AeroGSAC serves as a platform for professional, social and ethical development for an individual. In AeroGSAC, he focuses on the professional development aspect and is also a mentor for the Undergraduate Research Experience program. Through AeroGSAC, he wants to create opportunities for students in the department to interact and work with people in the industry, other universities and research centers. He enjoys Running, Climbing, Hiking and Swimming.

Subcommittees: Outreach & Advocacy; Professional Exposure (Chair); GSAC Community Collaboration

Ishaan Sood | Representative of AeroGSAC

The Chair of the Social Exposure Subcommittee, Ishaan Sood, is a Masters student with focus on Applied Aerodynamics. He joined AeroGSAC to improve the experience of graduate students in the department. Being an international student, he is aware of the challenges overseas students face and hence hopes to alleviate these issues. He believes in AeroGSAC to be a voice for all the students in the department, a platform for personal and professional development of graduate students and an excellent resource to help get in touch with experienced members of the graduate community. As a member of AeroGSAC, he is working on inter disciplinary collaborations to provide AE students with exposure regarding other professional fields. He is also contributing towards the professional development of students by assisting with seminars inviting professionals from the Aerospace Industry. For recreation, he reads, plays racket sports and watches movies.

Subcommittees: Outreach & Advocacy; Social Exposure (Chair); Professional Exposure

Aaron Perry | Representative of AeroGSAC

Aaron Perry, is a PhD candidate exploring Aerodynamic-Propulsion Interactions. He is a member of AeroGSAC because he would like to create opportunities for graduate students to make professional contacts with people who are working in the Aerospace industry. In his opinion, AeroGSAC is important to enhance and broaden the overall experience of graduate students in the AE department. He enjoys building and playing musical instruments, as well as going on outdoor adventures!

Subcommittees: Social Exposure; Professional Exposure

Manue Martinez | Representative of AeroGSAC

Manue Martinez, is a Masters student focusing on Digital Volume Correlation. He joined AeroGSAC to help progress the Aerospace Department and improve Grad school experience for students. He wants to make sure that the Grad students have a voice in the department. He believes that AeroGSAC is needed to create a bridge between students and the faculty, staff and the department. He actively collaborates to create platforms to express concerns and improvements. He is responsible for designing the website for AeroGSAC. Apart from AeroGSAC, he is involved with Design-Build-Fly. He loves playing Guitar and Soccer.

Subcommittees: Outreach & Advocacy; Professional Exposure