Current Members

Vedant | Chair of AeroGSAC

Vedant, a PhD student with a focus on Attitude Determination & Controls, is the Chair of the Professional Exposure Subcommittee. He joined AeroGSAC to connect with other graduate students, faculty and staff, and together work towards having a better experience as a student in the department. According to him, AeroGSAC serves as a platform for professional, social and ethical development for an individual. In AeroGSAC, he focuses on the professional development aspect and is also a mentor for the Undergraduate Research Experience program. Through AeroGSAC, he wants to create opportunities for students in the department to interact and work with people in the industry, other universities and research centers. He enjoys Running, Climbing, Hiking and Swimming.

Subcommittees: Outreach & Advocacy; Professional Exposure

Sai Kiran Duddukuri| Associate Chair of AeroGSAC

Subcommittees: Outreach & Advocacy; Social Exposure

Mruthun Thirumalaisamy | Treasurer of AeroGSAC

The Treasurer, Mruthun Thirumalaisamy, is a Master’s student. His focus area is unsteady aerodynamics and turbulence research. He also works as a research assistant under the guidance of Prof. Phil Ansell. Mruthun wants to represent the AE graduate community and to ensure a proper and effective channel for requests and concerns of the students. He believes that AeroGSAC serves as an important link between students and the department. Through AeroGSAC he wants to bring together the AE graduate community and make graduate school a memorable experience for everyone. When not being an engineer, Mruthun likes to play the guitar, soccer and is a casual triathlete.


Subcommittees: Outreach & Advocacy; Professional Exposure

Gavin Ananda | Representative of AeroGSAC

The Chair of AeroGSAC, Gavin Ananda, is a PhD candidate. His research is in the fields of Applied Aerodynamics, Flight Simulation and Wind Turbine Aerodynamics. He wants to have a positive impact on the people and the AE department, help serve as a voice for graduate students, and ensure that student concerns are addressed by the department. He believes AeroGSAC serves as an important role by working for the ever-growing aerospace engineering graduate student community and their needs. Through AeroGSAC he is working to ensure certain student concerns are addressed administratively, improve graduate students’ ability to showcase their research work, and increase engagement and communication between all the graduate students in the department through social events. He enjoys soccer, glider flying, poker when he actually has the time!

Subcommittees: Outreach & Advocacy; Professional Exposure; GSAC Community Collaboration

Sriramya Bhamidipati | Representative of AeroGSAC

Sriramya Bhamidipati is the Chair of the Professional Exposure Subcommittee, AeroGSAC.  She is a doctoral student under Prof. Grace Gao in the Department of Aerospace Engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Her research interests include GPS, power systems, artificial intelligence, robotics, and UAVs. Through AeroGSAC, she wishes to create an interactive platform for the students to showcase their research and gain professional exposure. She also wants to build opportunities for the graduate students to promote their interaction with people from academia and industry.


Subcommittees: Professional Exposure (Chair) ; Outreach and Advocacy

Alen Envieh Golpashin | Representative of AeroGSAC

Subcommittees: GSAC Community Collaboration (Chair) ; Social Exposure

Robyn Macdonald | Representative of AeroGSAC

Subcommittees: Professional Exposure; Outreach and Advocacy (Chair)

Keenan Murabit | Representative of AeroGSAC

Keenan Murabit is the Chair of the Social Exposure Subcommittee of AeroGSAC. As a Master’s student, his research is in the field of Aerospace Systems Engineering, with a specific concentration in Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE). He also is a Teaching Assistant for the Aerospace Engineering Department’s aircraft senior design course (AE 442/443: Aerospace Systems Design). As someone who has spent his undergraduate years at UIUC, Keenan has witnessed firsthand the vast proficiency and dedication to learning possessed by the graduate students in the AE Department. As such, he is motivated to ensure they get the most out of their time on campus via opportunities for healthy social exposure with both faculty and fellow students alike. He believes this is an essential component to the success of the department as a whole.

Subcommittees: GSAC Community Collaboration; Social Exposure (Chair)