Current Members

Alen E. Golpashin | President

Alen is a Ph.D. candidate specializing in the area of optimal control theory. Other focuses of research include dynamical systems, methods of data assimilation, stochastic control, and nonlinear dynamics in aerospace applications. Currently, he is studying methods of dimensional reduction for Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman partial differential equations. Alen is passionate about making math and engineering education accessible for all.

A fan of contemporary classical and classical crossover music, in his free time, he composes music for the piano. Other activities he enjoys include hiking, camping, and astrophotography.

Subcommittee Assignments: Professional Exposure, Outreach & Advocacy

Anshul Agrawal | Vice President

Anshul Agrawal is a first year Master’s student with an interest in the area of aerospace structures. Other areas of interests include propulsion systems and space materials. Through AeroGSAC, he hopes to engage with other students as well as industry professionals and promote aerospace research and development. Anshul likes to explore new places and foods. In his free time, he sometimes plays the guitar. He also enjoys playing video games, reading books or just going out for a walk.

Subcommittee Assignments: Professional Exposure, Outreach & Advocacy

Gokul Puthumanailam | Treasurer

Gokul is a Ph.D. student in the Aerospace Engineering Department specializing in decision-making and autonomy. His current research in probabilistic and algorithmic robotics emphasizes planning and estimation in adverse environments. He is passionate about developing software for hardware, open-source contributions and translating complex theories into practical applications. Besides research and academics, he reads a lot of independently published books, sci-fi and alternate history, plays competitive chess, and enjoys playing Nintendo titles. In his free time, he disturbs his neighbors by playing the Guitar and the Ukulele.

Subcommittee Assignments: Professional Exposure, Community Collaboration and Development

Saurabh Bagare | Secretary / Professional Exposure Subcommittee Chair

Saurabh is a Ph.D. student in aerospace engineering, working on energy efficient additive manufacturing of thermoset composites and polymers. His ultimate goal is to re-print structures that can go to space after their lifecycle/mission ends. Outside the lab, you would find him vibing to some pop music, watching anime and korean dramas, and playing ping pong.

Subcommittee Assignments: Professional Exposure, Community Collaboration and Development

Hanseung Lee | Membership Director / Social Exposure Subcommittee Chair / EGSAC Representative

Han is a Master’s student in Aerospace with a specialization in structures and materials, particularly focusing on high-temperature vascular ceramic matrix composite materials. He joined AeroGSAC with the goal of fostering a collaborative, inclusive, and engaging environment to support fellow students in their academic and research pursuits. In his free time, Han enjoys playing and watching football (soccer), wrecking in Smash Bros, exploring new places, swimming, and meeting new people.

Subcommittee Assignments: Social Exposure, Community Collaboration and Development

Advait Bongu | Memeber

Advait is a first year master’s student in Aerospace engineering. Advait joined AeroGSAC to engage and collaborate with a community that is passionate about aerospace. His Fields of interest include high temperature materials and fluid structural interactions. Advait enjoys playing basketball, watching Formula1, and cooking in his free time. 

Subcommittee Assignments: Professional Exposure, Social Exposure

Ninlapat Nonnapaphan | Memeber

Ninlapat completed his undergraduate studies in Aerospace Engineering at the University of the West of England in the UK. He is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Illinois. Ninlapat has a strong interest in fluid mechanics, high-speed vehicles, and aircraft design. He joined AeroGSAC because he wants to support the community and foster a supportive environment. Outside of academia, he is a moderator for the Space Thailand Fanclub on Facebook group. He is also a big fan of military aircraft. Additionally, Ninlapat enjoys wall climbing at the campus recreation center.

Subcommittee Assignments: Professional Exposure, Community Collaboration and Development