Current Members

Gyu Sub Lee | Chair of AeroGSAC

Gyu Sub is a PhD student pursuing his graduate work in experimental hypersonic aerodynamics and propulsion under the guidance of Professors Gregory Elliott (AE) and Tonghun Lee (MechSE). Apart from his desire to accelerate the development of hypersonic transport technologies, his passion in aerospace include a dedication to teaching in both classroom and research settings. He sees AE GSAC as the perfect platform to promote a culture of interdisciplinary appreciation within and outside of the department, and a supportive community of/for graduate students seeking a positive, memorable, and productive graduate school experience. As a representative of the graduate student body, Gyu Sub hopes to be a voice for the concerns of his fellow students and maintain a cohesive relationship between the graduate student body and the rest of the department. When not working, Gyu Sub enjoys singing and playing guitar/piano/trumpet, hiking, and connecting with his fellow students on their passions, ideas, and lifestyles.


Tove Kopperstad | Assistant Chair of AeroGSAC

Tove Kopperstad is a new graduate student pursuing a PhD under Prof. Ansell. Her passion for renewable energies and environmental efforts has led her to focus her research into exploring electric propulsion optimization with wing design through experimental means. Originally from Norway, she enjoys meeting new people and exploring new place. In her spare time Tove likes nature hikes, trying new recipes and reading. Through AE GSAC she hopes to help foster a sense of community among graduate students through social events and outings to explore the local community.



Henry Varona | Outreach and Advocacy co-chair

Henry is a PhD student being advised by Professor Francesco Panerai (AE) working in the Center for Hypersonic and Entry System Studies. Before joining UofI last year he received his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering with a concentration in aerospace engineering from Boston University. His long-term goal is to become a professor of aerospace engineering and continue to research cutting edge technologies related to hypersonics while also participating in outreach to expose more people to the field of engineering at a young age. Henry looks forward to representing the graduate student body to the department and hopes to foster a more connected aerospace engineering graduate student body.


Aanchal Gupta | Social Exposure co-chair

Aanchal Gupta is a graduate student in the Aerospace Department at UIUC. She intends to do research in the field of nuclear space power & propulsion and continue this research into the PhD program. Her dream is to help launch humans into deep space and interplanetary missions. Apart from academics, Aanchal has interest in reading thriller & high-fantasy novels, watching suspense-thriller movies, going for walk, singing, traveling & exploring new places, and socializing. She is very friendly and enjoys helping & connecting with people from different backgrounds. By serving as a member of AE-GSAC she hopes to support graduate students and enhance their cultural, social & academic experience at UIUC.


Noel Brindise | Social Exposure co-chair

Noel Brindise is a Master’s student in dynamics and control under Prof. Langbort. Noel’s research is in “explainable” artificial intelligence (i.e., ways to explain to humans why an AI agent makes the decisions that it does). After graduating in December, she hopes to continue on to the Ph.D. program. Noel has interned with United Launch Alliance (a major launch service provider) and is currently interning with Collins Aerospace working on explainable AI for aerospace systems. Outside of Aerospace, one of her major weaknesses is an interest in too many things at once: she enjoys running, writing, foreign languages, and playing the cello. Noel is also very talkative and is always up for a chat about anything, especially the graduate program at UIUC.


Vedant | Representative of AeroGSAC

Vedant, a PhD student with a focus on Attitude Determination & Controls, is a representative of AeroGSAC. He joined AeroGSAC to connect with other graduate students, faculty and staff, and together work towards having a better experience as a student in the department. According to him, AeroGSAC serves as a platform for professional, social and ethical development for an individual. In AeroGSAC, he focuses on the professional development aspect and is also a mentor for the Undergraduate Research Experience program. Through AeroGSAC, he wants to create opportunities for students in the department to interact and work with people in the industry, other universities and research centers. He enjoys Running, Climbing, Hiking and Swimming.


Moises Angulo | Outreach and Advocacy co-chair

Moises Angulo is a graduate student in the Aerospace Department at UIUC working under Dr. Deborah Levin on the computational side of electric propulsion. EP is an in-space propulsion method that involves the use of magnetic and electric fields to steer and accelerate plasma to produce thrust. My research interests are in the broad field of plasma physics as it relates to a variety of subfields such as fusion, space weather, and accretion disk theory. Originally from Virginia, Moises is excited to be part of GSAC and meet other like-minded individuals. Outside of academics, Moises likes to go on runs, eat lots of food, and listen-to/play music. He plans to pursue his PhD once he completes his MS.



Jacob Eisen | Community Collaboration and Development co-chair

Jacob Eisen is pursuing his master’s degree under the advising of Dr. Joshua Rovey in the Electric Propulsion Laboratory. With the goal of enabling new science-focused missions in deep space, he works on the electrical systems that drive innovative propulsion systems. Through AeroGSAC, he hopes to improve the accessibility of space science through community programming, encourage healthy graduate student lifestyles, and promote ethical academics. Other than space, he is passionate about fighting games, jazz percussion/keyboard, and exploring nature. He loves traveling and learning from the experiences of others.



Sahisth Chhabra | Social Exposure co-chair

Sahisth Chhabra (he/him/his) is a first year graduate student in the Aerospace Department at UIUC. He wants to pursue research in Space Situational Awareness and Trajectory Optimization and is currently working with Dr. Robyn Woollands in an Independent Study to improve the Martian dust devil detection model that Dr. Woollands made when she was at NASA JPL. Apart from Astrodynamics, Sahisth’s interests lie in athletics, soccer, listening to hip-hop and eating different cuisines/trying out new food. Sahisth is glad to be a part of AE-GSAC and hopes to help students through this committee’s activities and advance the ever growing community.